14 Days of Summer - Beach Parties

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer: Dance at Different Beach Parties Guide

Epic Games just released the brand new event in Fortnite called 14 Days of Summer. The new event will feature a new challenge each day that players need to complete. And for the first day of the event, Fortnite wants you to dance at different beach parties.

Fortnite map is a bit huge for you to locate all the beach parties. So help you finish this challenge, we already searched the map to guide you locate the beach parties. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

All Beach Parties Location

There’s a total of 6 beach parties happening right now in Fortnite and all you need to do is visit each location and perform a smooth dance in there.

Fortnite Beach Parties Locations
14 Days of Summer Beach Parties Locations

Marked locations on the Fortnite map above are the locations where you can find the beach parties for this challenge.

  • North of Lazy Lagoon near the edge of the island
  • Northwest of Loot Lake
  • Beside the river southeast of Neo Tilted
  • Lake found in Dusty Divot
  • Small lake northwest Paradise Palms
  • Lake found at the southwest of Paradise Palms

Successfully dancing on all these locations will unlock and reward players with new “Deep End” emote that you can use in-game.

Fortnite Deep End Emote
Deep End Emote

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