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5 Interesting Facts About Takemichi Hanagaki of Tokyo Revengers

In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi Hanagaki is both the protagonist and the weakest character. Despite his lack of combat skills, he is determined to save the future of everyone he cares for. Takemichi is ready to be beaten in order to change history for the better for his friends.

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1. Starting from a loser who can only apologize

Takemichi is portrayed as a true loser in his adult life at the beginning of the story, as seen in the anime. Poor performance at work, financial instability, and a lack of social relationships make this one man the epitome of what it means to be a true loser.

Takemichi also has a habit of apologizing unnecessarily for minor errors. As a result, not only adults but also children, look down on this young man. Takemichi’s friends in the past thought he was a different individual because of this one characteristic.

2. Have time leap abilities that can change the future

Takemichi’s ability to time jump was discovered when his consciousness was unexpectedly catapulted to a time 12 years ago, right before being struck by a train.
So far, Naoto’s theory holds that Takemichi’s time leap could only be enabled by shaking hands with him and assigning him a single mission: to rescue her sister, Hinata.

Takemichi’s ability also has a weakness where during the time travel process, his physical body will experience a suspended animation, making him vulnerable to becoming a target for enemies who realize his abilities. Besides, his timeline goal could only be to jump 12 years ago on the same day.

So, in order to avoid any incident, Takemichi and Naoto had to wait until the specified date came.

3. Poor at fighting, excels in defense

Despite being a delinquent, Takemichi is a terrible fighter. In the quest to change the flow of time, he is often tortured by many characters, including Kiyomasa. Even after returning to the past for the second time, Takemichi had become a convenient target for Kiyomasa until he discovered where Mikey was.

Regardless of how seriously he was wounded, Takemichi decided to stand. As a result, Mikey was drawn to him and hired him because he thought he was an unusual sort of individual, similar to his late brother. Unsurprisingly, Takemichi was able to advance to the rank of captain of the Tokyo Manji’s first division.

Tokyo Revengers

4. Be steadfast in your stance to the end

Takemichi has benefits in terms of mental intelligence in addition to time leap and physical stamina. Even though he initially looked like a loser, his love for Hinata kept him from giving up on the situation. Not just for Hinata, but this guy is willing to be beaten in order to have a better future for his friends.

And when Takemichi was on the verge of marrying Hinata, he squandered the chance only to awaken Mikey, who was still in the grip of darkness. His perseverance was what moved Tokyo boss Manji to weep and seek assistance for the first time.

5. Has two triggers for its time leap ability

In his most recent chapter, Takemichi’s ability is inadvertently activated when his hand grabs Mikey, who begins to wake up and asks for help to be rescued. Mikey became the second individual to successfully activate Takemichi’s ability to return to the past as a result of this event.

Based on the trend that has occurred for Naoto and Takemichi, there are prerequisites that must be met in order for Takemichi’s time leap to become active, namely the same desire to change the future. Takemichi and Naoto both want to save Hinata from her fate at the start of the story.

Meanwhile, in the most recent chapter, Takemichi and Mikey accomplish the same goal: Mikey’s greatest wish to be rescued from his dark destiny.

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