Pokemon Trading Car Stolen

$60,000 Worth of Pokemon Card Gets Lost During Transit

Pokemon card collectors don’t mind spending thousands of dollars just to get the rarest Pokemon card they can find. That being said, owning one of the rarest Pokemon trading cards in the world is one of the best feelings any card collector can feel.

But what would be the feeling if you spend thousands of dollars to get one of the rarest Pokemon trading cards but it didn’t reach your collection cabinet? Well, it seems like one Pokemon card collector just experiences the feelings of losing one.

The Pokemon trading card in question is the 1999 Number 3 Trainer Trophy card from the Super Secret Battle in Japan. The thing that makes this card rare is because it can only be acquired by winning third place in the Super Secret Battle in Japan in 1999. Since it’s 2019 and time machine is not yet available, the only legal way to acquire this card is buying the card from the legitimate holder.

Now, this card was purchased for $60,000 back in August 2018 and was shipped to New York but the item did not arrive at the buyer’s address. As YouTuber smpratte explained, he knows what the buyer and seller did just make the transaction legitimate as possible. Everything went well during the payment and shipment transactions but as mentioned above, the card was gone in thin air.

While no exact answer how the card disappeared from the mail, smpratte suggests that someone at the US Postal Service snatched the item after seeing that the package was ensured with a huge amount. US Postal Service has been reached out to look at the accident but as of writing, there are no comments heard from them.

Right now, what the buyer offered is $1,000 bounty to anyone who can help them track and locate the missing 1999 Number 3 Trophy Card.