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911 Operator Final Update Adds 20 New Maps

Released in February 2017, 911 Operator has been one of the video games with constant players. In fact, the game is still reaching an average of 200 concurrent players. Despite being one of the old games, developer Jutsu Games surprised fans with an unexpected release of a new update. The new update titled 911 Operator Final Update features the addition of 20 new maps to the base game.

Here’s what the developer says for the final update of the game:

911 Operator has been released over 4 years ago. A lot of you are still playing the game, and some of you discover it for the very first time. That’s why we have decided to come back to you with this one last final update! We realize that some of you have problems with map download, especially in certain areas around the world. That’s why we have decided to add over 20 new maps to the base game.

Although we now consider our work on 911 Operator to be over, the team that has brought you 911 Operator and 112 Operator is working hard on a brand new game! It might be a bit of a surprise, as it isn’t an emergency simulator this time, but a post-apocalyptic city-builder strategy game. What stays the same then? We are still committed to creating the best games played on real-world maps. That’s why your job in this new title will be to build a settlement and protect it from deadly hordes of infected. It’s your choice where you want to play and how you want to achieve your victory.

While it’s sad to see that the 911 Operator is over and will no longer receive any new updates, it’s still good to see that players will be having new maps to play around with. These new maps are the following:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Madrid
  • Kanton
  • Jakarta
  • Kyiv
  • Amsterdam
  • Toronto
  • Ankara
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Santiago
  • Bogota
  • Vienna
  • Singapore
  • Chengdu
  • Nanjing
  • Sydney
  • Shinjuku
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Melbourne
  • Brussels
  • Manila
  • Stockholm

911 Operator was launched on Steam on February 24, 2017. Since its release, the game was able to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from the players. 911 Operator is still available for purchase on Steam.

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