After 85-inch model, Samsung launches 75-inch interactive TV

The new size is part of the Interactive Flip line, which was launched in 2020 with a focus on home office and hybrid education needs.

Samsung announced on Friday, May 21st, a new interactive model of the Flip line TVs. The new screen is 75 inches and is touch-sensitive, in addition to bringing enhanced security features over other models in the same line.

The new Samsung Interactive Flip 75 integrates the series with screens of 55, 65, and 85 inches. This new size maintains Ultra (UHD) 4K image quality, data security protocols, and collaborative point of contact options.

The 75-inch Flip-screen still offers features like smooth writing mode, which according to Samsung resembles the feel of a pen on paper, in addition to Samsung’s unique shatter-proof screen as one of the enhanced security tools.

Samsung Flip 3

Another security mechanism is the reinforced 6-digit locking system, in which each device administrator can protect confidential presentations, lock the screen and remove critical content from view.

The South Korean company announced last year the Interactive Flip line, as a response to the growing demand generated by online learning and home office. These factors, in turn, were driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and installed new needs in homes.

Interactive Flip series displays have, among their possible uses, the functionality of centralizing lesson plans and school notifications, through the integrated OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot.

Drew Rogers, the Senior Product Manager at Samsung UK, said the company has been looking to meet customer needs in the current scenario, valuing innovation with a focus on the user. He also commented on the following:

As we begin to relocate to the world, we still depend on technology, so it’s more important than ever that our collaborative technology solutions always support us, whether at home or in the office.

For more information about the product or line, visit Samsung’s official website.

By Richard Lai

Richard is a Mass Comm student in Taiwan. Apart from being a writer on this website, Richard also runs his own E-commerce business.