ANNO: Mutationem Achievement Guide and Tips

Are you having a hard time obtaining all achievements in ANNO: Mutationem? Well, you’re in luck as this page will guide you through the steps on how to obtain every achievement in ANNO: Mutationem.

Tell me your story

Listen to 50 conversations

You need to listen to 50 different conversations, so just play the game.

The things they print nowadays

Read 30 documents

You need to read 30 different documents (papers found during the playthrough)

Club Star

Change into the night dress

The imagem cover of the achievement shows the dress.

Big Spender

Spend 1000 credits

You will spend buying chips or weapons

Don’t judge a manhole by its cover

Discover Hapi’s lair

Behind the Weapon Shop in Skopp City is a manhole cover you can inspect. When you do, a man will talk to you and ask for ice cream. Simply talking to this man will unlock.

I just love stuff!

Pick up 100 items in total

During your playthrough, always open every box and get all the items, you can find the boxes highlighted with the “Examine” button (LT, L2, or Tab).

Keep ’em coming!

Defeat 100 enemies in total

During your playthrough you will do this, just kill everything you find and try to use the transformed Ann when you can (to help in another achievement called Ann ULTRA).

The Ann Flores Combo Experience

Pull off a 20-hit combo

Reaching a 20-hit combo is incredibly easy once you have obtained the dual swords weapon. There are some tanky enemies. Just hit any 20 times

That’s gotta hurt

Cause 150 damage in a single attack

You will unlock during your playthrough, you can use Ann’s transformation too.

Supreme Bartender Ann

Complete the highest level of Bartending

You first need to complete the easy and medium levels of the bartender mini-game. So the master level is the most difficult level, but I did it the first time, so is not really hard, just follow the correct sequence of the drink.

I think it’s broke

Disassemble 30 items

If you loot all the boxes you found during the game, you will complete this easy.

The truth is out there

Complete the Underground Water Channel area

The underground channel area is needed to complete the game story, so just play.

Deadly Kombationem

Watch the Arena fight for 30 second as spectactor

When you reach Harbour Town and manage the objectives to get inside the boxing arena, you can spectate the fight for 30 seconds.


Unlock 50% of all Talents

Just play the game and you will unlock this achievement

Clarity of Mind

Defeat the final boss

Easy, just finish the game!

Welcome home, 06

Arrive at the Consortium’s Inner Hall

During the story, close to the final boss, you will enter the hall.

This can’t be right…

Unlock the false ending

In the Encrypted Transit Chamber, you need to get this portal and fight a blonde girl with a spike.

You are the one

Complete 10 Hacking mini-games

You will unlock this achievement at the end of the game, with the last hack door, just play.


Defeat 20 enemies while Ann is transformed

You can just play the game transforming when you can, or you can go to the biological researcher area in the area A5R4 and kill the mobs there.

You can repeat this if you need.

Arm Wrestlin’

Defeat the Factio Pugni Boss TR

During the gameplay, you will defeat him, just play.


Combine 15 items

During the gameplay you will create healing items and this stuff, I did this just by playing.

Science, it works!

Super-Enchance a Weapon Chip

To do this you need 1 chip and 3 transistors, with this you can evolve a chip.

You can do this in FT Chip Shop Noctis City.

The Traveller

Discover all Teleport-Springs

All the teleport springs are visible easily during the gameplay, so just play the game and enter all the rooms you can(Exploring).

So Fresh and So clean clean

Shower 3 times

You can shower in Ann’s apartment.


Pray to the statue in the bookstore 10 times

In the bookstore close to the entrance of Skoop city, you can pray to the statue inside.

Fire in the hole!

Defeat 2 or more enemies with 1 grenade

You can kill the enemies in the same place as the “Ann ULTRA” achievement.

Love me like I love my posters

Collect all posters

This is a bit difficult you don’t explore the map properly.

I just got real good

Win the arcade mini-game

You just one way to win the arcade game, just place your left platform exactly like below:

Lady Luck is a cool cat

Collect all the Cyber Neko+ statues

Like the posters achievement, this is a bit difficultyn but again i used NeoSeeker and a youtube video:

I’m walking here!

Make 15 cars stop

You can stop the cars just walking in the street in front of them.

In the smacker…I think

Kill 1 Red Ball Monstrositiy

You can find this monster in the end of the game, you can kill they with the portable railgun that you got just before.

Annakin Skyscroller

Deflect 10 projectiles with your energy sword

This is easy to do using the twin blades, just hit a bullet.

I feel secure, contained & protected

Come back to Consortium after having completed the game

The Consortium is the same place as the “Welcome home, 06” achievement.

Woman on a (side) mission

Complete all side quests

Complete all the side missions with the NPC’s in the game(In the future i will create a guide with all the side missions, but all of them are easy).

The Warlord

Obtain 10 weapons in total

Don’t sell your weapons and buy new ones, you will get playing the game

Fun fact: If you buy the collector’s version that comes with weapons, this count for the achievement

The Age of Mutationem

Unlock all other Trophies

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