7 Tips on How to Optimize a Gaming Video for Mobile


If you make a gaming video, you will want to make sure it is mobile optimized because many people use the mobile phone to watch videos nowadays. Many kids don’t have a PC but their parents give them a tablet or mobile phone to use. So, if you don’t optimize your gaming video for mobile, you are going to lose a large part of visitors. The following are 7 tips on how to optimize your gaming video for mobile.

Optimized Gaming Video

1. Clearer Audio

The audio of the video must be clear. Sometimes, when you make the video, the audio only sounds clear on a desktop. Test it on your mobile device and you will know whether the audio is clear. You must remember that phones and tablets have smaller speakers so the audio will be in a lower volume. Another thing to keep in mind is that people watching videos on phone will hear a lot of ambient noises.

It will be a good idea to increase the audio volume of the video so that people watching on a mobile device can hear what the speaker is saying clearly. You can use a video creation software like Movavi Video Editor to increase the audio volume level. To increase the volume level, you must first click on the gear button to go to Tools. In the Audio tab, you must drag the Volume slider to the right to increase the volume.

2. Add Text to Video

Many people who watch videos on mobile devices don’t turn on the volume so it will be wise to add subtitles. However, you should not just add subtitles as it makes the video feel boring. Instead, be more creative by adding annotations wherever necessary in the game video. This way, people who watch your game video will be more excited and they will feel like they are playing the game. If you put any text on the video, make sure they are large enough for people to view them on the mobile device.

3. Make a Good Thumbnail for the Video

Mobile users will usually browse videos by looking at the thumbnail. So, you need to produce a good thumbnail if you want to captivate their attention. It is the lazy way to take any scene in the game video and use it as a thumbnail. Instead, make a unique thumbnail, for example, incorporating the pictures of different characters in the thumbnail. A lot of time, people will judge the video by the thumbnail especially for newbies who are not aware that the thumbnail is sometimes not from an actual scene in the video. People want to watch an interesting video. Therefore, you should make your thumbnail look as though the video has that exciting content that they want to watch.

Optimized Gaming Video

4. Engage Viewers in the First 3 Seconds of the Video

Many times, mobile users will quit if they did not find the video content interesting in the first 3 seconds. If you feel your video is not that good, you may want to consider include a brand intro. If your brand intro is good, people will automatically relate that your video content is also going to be interesting to watch. There are many types of animation title you can include in the video to capture the audience’s attention. In the software, you can go to the T tab and select the title style that you want. After that, you just have to drag the title style onto the clip to add it.

5. Call to Action in the Video

In all your videos, you should be including a call to action at the end. The call to action can be a simple link that can redirect the audience to your website. If you use Twitter, you can include a hashtag so that people can track and share your video on the social media platform. You can also ask in a polite way for your audience to give a thumb up or subscribe as a follower to your channel. If you include a call to action, make sure they are not too small and easy to interact for mobile users.

6. Encode Your Video in a Mobile Friendly Format

It is important to encode your video in MP4 in order to allow people on a mobile device to watch it. After it is encoded in MP4, be sure to test it by watching it on your own mobile device. MP4 is the best encoding format for videos that last for not more than 4 minutes. If the video is lengthy, you can consider streaming the video live on the platform. Live streaming not only looks great on the mobile phone but also on a bigger screen.

7. Video Player Must Be Optimized for Mobile

Finally, you want to make sure that the video player is optimized for mobile. The video player on major video streaming sites like YouTube and Wistia will automatically adjust to the mobile screen. However, you should play the video yourself on devices with different screen sizes to ensure that it is completely optimized.

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