Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Price and New Legends Leaked

While there is still no official announcement from Respawn Entertainment about the Season Battle Pass in Apex Legends, the recent leak from the Origin page reveals the price of the upcoming battle pass.

Posted on Reddit, a user shared a fresh screenshot of the landing page of Apex Legends from the Origin website showing some details of the upcoming Season 1 Battle Pass. One of the highlights that were mentioned is the Season 1 Battle Pass price which costs 950 Apex Coins. Converting the Apex coins into real money, it is approximately equal to $9.99, which is pretty cheap compared to the price of some battle royale games.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

Apart from the battle pass price that was mentioned, it seems like the new legend has also been revealed. The screenshot shows the appearance of the new character that looks very similar to a character from Borderlands. This new character could be Octane, which has also been leaked a few weeks ago.

By William King

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