Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 1 Is a Blast Full of Epic Features

Respawn Entertainment has finally unleashed Apex Legends Season 1, bringing a lot of epic features and the arrival of the new legend, Octane.

As promised, the developer has released a brand new Legend in the game. Octane is the newest legend with a robotic leg, excellent speed, self-healing, and can deploy a Launch Pad to attack his opponent from above. To unlock this new character, players need to spend 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legends Tokens.

The Season 1 Battle Pass is also now live which only requires 950 Apex Coins. Similar to the battle pass of other games, players will be able to unlock more than 100 items as they progress.

Items like Legends skin, Apex Coins, and weapons skin are the main highlight of the battle pass. For just 2,800 Apex Coins, players can purchase the battle pass that unlocks the first 25 levels.

Apart from that, Respawn has also prepared some surprises inside the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass. For more details, you check the Apex Legends official website from here.

By William King

King is a former employee of an IT company in Canada. He now works on their family business. He also loves gaming and writing.