Aquanox Deep Descent PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings

    THQ Nordic’s Aquanox Deep Descent is now available on PC via Steam. If you’re one of the new players trying to explore the unforgiving world of Aquanox Deep Descent, here are the controls that you should know.

    Keep in mind that the following controls are the default key bindings. Just like any other PC games, you have the option to modify and change these key controls.

    Aquanox Deep Descent

    Aquanox Deep Descent Keyboard Controls

    Primary ModuleQ
    Secondary ModuleV
    Target LockMiddle Mouse Button
    Use Repair KitR
    Use Shield KitT
    Left Weapon FireLeft Mouse Button
    Right Weapon FireRight Mouse Button
    Toggle Secondary Weapon 013
    Toggle Secondary Weapon 024
    Activate Engine BoostLeft Shift
    Quick SaveF5
    Quick Load F9
    Toggle LightsF
    Toggle Large ReticleO
    Open Quest Tracker / ScoreboardTab
    Switch Left Primary Weapon1
    Switch Right Primary Weapon2
    Open Left ScreenM
    Open InventoryI
    Access Radial Menu/FreeviewLeft Alt
    Active Quest PathingY
    Weapon ModifierC
    Move ForwardW
    Move BackwardS
    Move RightD
    Move LeftA
    Move Up/Dodge UpwardSpace Bar
    Move Down/Dodge DownwardsLeft Ctrl