Bandai Namco Digimon ReArise

Bandai Namco Released A Teaser Trailer For The Upcoming Digimon ReArise Mobile RPG Game

Bandai Namco has released a new teaser trailer for Digimon ReArise, their new upcoming RPG game for mobile.

This new upcoming RPB mobile game called Digimon ReArise mixes new characters that have been illustrated by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. Bandai Namco development told GameNGuide, “the adventure story of Tamers and their Digimon,” they later then added, “looking after and training Digimon at any time.”

Watch the Digimon ReArise teaser trailer below.

Digimon ReArise will be available in Japan in 2018 for both Android and iOS devices.

By Christian West

Gamer, blogger and a co-owner of Game N Guides. I am currently on my journey to craft the best armor and weapon in Monster Hunter World.