Pokemon GO

Beldum Is Coming Next To Pokemon GO Community Day

Pokemon GO Community Day is one of the most awaited activity every month. Since it was released, many fans are getting back into the game as Community Day features spawn rate increase of the featured Pokemon with the exclusive move and also the release of its shiny form.

For the month of September, Niantic has announced that Chikorita from Generation 2 is the featured Pokemon. Of course, its shiny form will be available during the three-hour period event.

While we’re still waiting for the Community Day for this month, it seems like the next featured Pokemon for the next Community Day has been leaked online. Thanks to immewnity from Reddit who discovered the image of the next featured Pokemon from Niantic’s Google Cloud storage.

Of course, there is still no official announcement from Niantic about the next Community Day since Chikorita is not yet even done. But with this latest leak, it is safe to say that Beldum will be the featured Pokemon in October’s Community Day.

Chikorita Community Day for this month will be available on September 22nd. And as announced, October’s Community Day will be on October 21 where there’s a big chance of seeing Beldum and its shiny form roaming around in Pokemon GO.

Until then, we still have to wait for the final and official announcement from Niantic.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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