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Best Counters for Speed Forme Deoxys in Pokemon GO Raids

Niantic has just rolled out a new EX Raid invitations, so Pokemon GO players who received an invite should be preparing for the upcoming battle. The new EX Raid pass will allow players to face Speed Forme Deoxys.

This forme of Deoxys is a Psychic-type, meaning, it is weak against Dark and Ghost-types Pokemon. To help you and your team defeat Speed Forme Deoxys, here are the best Pokemon to counter this type of Pokemon.

Speed Forme Deoxys Counters

  • Giratina (Origin) with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Gengar with Shadow Claw or Lick and Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball
  • Weavile with Feint Attack and Foul Play
  • Banette with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball

In case you don’t have the Pokemon with the moves listed above, you can also use other Pokemon that are strong enough to face Speed Forme Deoxys such as Honchkrow with Snarl and Dark Pulse, Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play, and Pinsir with Bug Bit and X-Scissor.

Happy raiding!

By Samantha Hubble

An ambitious Electronics engineer in the making. You can usually find her at the library or at the bedroom playing her favorite game Pokemon Sun and Moon. She's currently based in Japan for her internship.