Black Ops 4 Guide: How To Unlock All Characters In Blackout


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out, and similar to the other games out there, Black Ops 4 has its own version of battle royale mode. Blackout is the name battle royale mode in Black Ops 4 where players fight for their survival.

One of the features that Blackout offers is the ability of players to choose their characters that they’re gonna use in the game. There are numbers of unlockable characters in Blackout, and in this article, you’ll learn how to unlock them all.

To unlock Blackout characters, players need to find items where it will lead to a mission to unlock a certain character. These items can be found in a supply drops and boxes, dead enemies, and even in dead zombies. Once you find a special item, you can start the challenge and unlock a new playable character.

All Unlockable Blackout Characters

Since the game is pretty new, we will be slowly revealing all the methods on how to unlock the characters. So for the meantime, here are all the unlockable Blackout characters.

Blackout Character Missions

  • Airborne
    • Unlocked at Echelon 60
  • Battle Hardened
    • Unlocked at Echelon 80 Prestige
  • Frogman
    • Unlocked at Echelon 40
  • Mason
    • No information available
  • Menendez
    • Find Locket item
    • Kill an enemy using Shotgun
    • Kill an enemy using a melee attack
    • End match with Locket item in your inventory
  • Ranger
    • Unlocked at Echelon 20
  • Reznov
    • No information available
  • Seal
    • Unlocked at Echelon 80
  • Woods
    • Find Bandanna from dead players or by killing zombies
    • Find a helicopter during the match
    • Win the match

Multiplayer Character Missions

  • Ajax
    • Collect three Broken Armor Plating from dead enemies
    • complete the match.
  • Battery
    • Find Battery’s War Machine
    • Get kills using Grenade Launcher
    • Be at the top 15 players before the match ends
  • Crash
    • Find Poker Chips
    • Be at the top 3 players before the match ends
    • End match with 15 healing items in your inventory
    • End the match with Poker Chips in your inventory
  • Firebreak
    • Find Burned Doll from supply drops or box
    • Use fire to kill enemies
    • End match with Burned Doll in your inventory
  • Nomad
    • No information available
  • Prophet
    • No information available
  • Recon
    • Find I Ching Coins from supply drops or box
    • Avoid collapse damage
    • Be at top 7 players before the match ends
    • End match with I Ching Coins in your inventory
  • Ruin
    • No information available
  • Seraph
    • No information available
  • Torque
    • Find Note from Torque from supply drops or box
    • Place 1 Barricade and 2 Razor Wires
    • Be at top 7 players before the match ends
    • End match with Note from Torque in your inventory

Zombie Character Missions

  • Bruno
    • No information available
  • Dempsey
    • No information available
  • Diego
    • No information available
  • Nikolai
    • No information available
  • Richtofen
    • No information available
  • Scarlett
    • Find Racing Goggles and Bandanna from dead players or by killing zombies
    • Additional mission details will be added soon
  • Shadow Man
    • Automatically unlocked with Blackout pass
  • Shaw
    • No information available
  • Takeo
    • No information available
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies

That’s all for now soldiers. Make sure to bookmark this page to learn the requirements on how to unlock a certain character.

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