Following the announcement of Monster Hunter Iceborne expansion, Capcom also revealed the official website for the 15th anniversary of Monster Hunter series.

As of writing, no other details have been revealed yet, but we are hoping that we will be getting more in the next few months. While the information that we have right now is very limited, the official 15th-anniversary website shows a sneak peek of what’s coming to all Monster Hunter fans.

Monster Hunter Series 15th Anniversary
Monster Hunter Series 15th Anniversary via Capcom

The sneak peek shows an eye of a monster which looks like Tigrex. Behind the reflection of the monster’s eye is a hunter which seems to be hunting him. Tigrex is one of the most iconic monsters in Monster Hunter series. It was a flying wyvern which was introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

Capcom also announced the expansion coming to Monster Hunter World called Iceborne and we are hoping that there will also be something coming to Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter World Iceborn expansion is set to release on Autumn next year and the Monster Hunter series 5th anniversary celebration will begin on March 2019.

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