Monster Hunter World

Did Capcom Tease A New Weapon Coming To Monster Hunter World?

Monster Hunter World surely offers players a lot of options for customization. Starting from your character, armors and even to the weapons. In the current version of Monster Hunter World, there are a total of 14 usable weapon type. But that number may soon change if we’re correct of Capcom teasing a new weapon type for the game.

Earlier today, the official Monster Hunter World JP Twitter account just shared a photo on their profile featuring key chains representing the 14 weapon type and one mystery keychain. The Japanese caption suggests that there’s something behind the mystery question mark keychain, but no one is clear right now.

Obviously, fans are going to speculate that Capcom is adding new weapon type or maybe a classic Monster Hunter weapon will be reborn. While some agree with this theory, there are also players who believe that the mystery weapon is a mix of old and new one.

That being said, Monster Hunter World has planned a live stream on March 14th where Capcom is expected to give the details about the upcoming DLC’s. Right now, players know that the old Deviljho will be joining the monster roster in the future. In addition, there’s a reported leak Monster Hunter World DLC that features the full roster of new and upcoming monsters and elder dragons. However, there is no solid evidence of the leaked details at this time.

While there’s still no official statement from the head office, it’s best not to get too excited before the live stream next week. After the said event, we should be getting a clearer picture of the future contents and the game itself.

By Kaitlyn Williams

Game blogger, skydiver and a mother of 2. A part-time writer and also a gamer. As of now, I only play games on my PC. But who knows, I might get a PS4 someday.