NBA 2K20

Infamous Hacker CODEX Cracked NBA 2K20 on its Release Date

NBA 2K20 is the newest basketball simulation game for PC published by 2K Games has been successfully cracked by the infamous warez group Codex (aka CDX).

This is not the first time that Team Codex cracked the NBA 2K game series. Looking back to their previous work, they have also managed cracked the NBA 2K19, NBA 2K18, etc. It’s not really surprising to see them crack the game since it is only protected by Steam’s DRM protection.

NBA 2K20 Lebron x Davis

The game just officially went live today, September 6th, but Team Codex has already announced and released the crack for NBA 2K20 which allow PC gamers to play the game for free. However, 2K Games has already improved their games which restricts the hackers to unlock the full features of the game.

For the NBA 2K20 cracked version, PC gamers will be able to access and play the teams available in the game but restrict them to access the exclusive features such as the MyCareer mode, multiplayer mode, and more.

Video game piracy is one of the problems that many game developers are facing right now. These game companies are constantly upgrading their security but unfortunately, it seems that these video game hackers are one step ahead of them which give them the chance to exploit their games.

While NBA 2K20 has already been cracked, we strongly recommend getting the game from the official game distributor. This will not only help the publisher but also help the gaming community to become a better place. In addition, please do note that Game N Guides do not support any kind of piracy and this article was created for information purposes only.

By Earl Stewart

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