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Compilation of Confirmed Events in Pokemon GO For May, June, and July 2018

Pokemon GO fans love events and so Niantic and Pokemon GO have prepared some events for the next three months. To be exact, Niantic has confirmed nine events for May, June, and July. Unfortunately, some of these events are not available in some areas of the world.

Let’s start for the month of May. So far, there are three confirmed events happening this month. And some of them has already happened and currently happening right now.

  • 5th Pokemon GO Community Day featuring Charmander (Worldwide event) – May 19th

    Get out and play together in your local community parks on Pokémon GO Community Day. For just a few hours each month, you can encounter a special Pokémon in the wild. During these hours, there’s a chance to learn a previously unavailable move for that Pokémon or its evolution, as well as earn some Community Day bonuses. Celebrate what it means to be a part of the Pokémon GO community and make new friends along the way!

  •  Marina del Rey Art Walk (USA only) – May 19th

    Come join in on the annual Marina del Rey community event on Sunday, May 20 and go on a self-guided walking tour to explore the public art and historic buildings. Family friendly and lots of activities for players of all ages.

  • Cheyenne Pick Up Party (USA only) – May 26th

    Join Trainers in Cheyenne, WY for a community clean-up event – a fun-filled day of playing Pokemon Go with friends and family while helping the community! Meet up at 2:00 PM at the Big Boy gym location in holiday APrk. Clean up us from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM followed by a lure party from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

The month of June is also an amazing month for Pokemon GO fans. There are three confirmed events that will be happening next month.

  • Portland Rose Festival (USA only) – June 2nd

Portland area players: Stop by the Portland Rose Festival CityFair on June 2 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM for a Pokemon Go and Ingress meetup where we’ll be matching all donations made to the Oregon Humane Society.

  • 6th Pokemon GO Community Day (Worldwide) – June 16th
    As usual, there will be another Community Day next month. Featured Pokemon for the 6th Community has not been announced yet. But there’s a rumor that it will feature the starter Pokemon from Kanto region Squirtle.
  • Safari Zone (Dortmund, Germany only) – June 30th to July 1st

    We’re excited to announce that Niantic, Inc. and the city of Dortmund in Germany are hosting a Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in the extraordinary Westfalenpark. From Saturday, June 30, through Sunday, July 1, Trainers of all ages will be able to catch a wide variety of Pokemon, including some rarely seen throughout Europe, while exploring the largest inner city park in Europe as well as the city of Dortmund with its very unique charm.

Well, that’s a good list of events for June. But what about July? Well, July is one of the most anticipated events this year. Let’s just hope that it will not fail us.

  • Safari Zone (Dortmund, Germany only) – June 30th to July 1st
    This is the continuation of the two-day event for the Safari Zone in Dortmund, Germany.
  • 7th Pokemon GO Community Day (Worldwide) – July 8th
    Just like the 6th Community Day, Niantic has yet to reveal the featured Pokemon after the 6th Community Day event ends. Stay tuned!
  • 2nd Real-World Pokemon GO Fest Event (US and Global Challenges) – July 14th to 15th
    Similar to the first Pokemon GO Fest, the upcoming Fest 2018 will be happening in Chicago. It will only happen in Chicago but Niantic has prepared a global challenge during the event. If we look back what happened last year, Pokemon GO fans outside the US need to participate the Pokemon GO Fest global challenge to unlock a mystery reward. Fortunately, fans around the world managed to meet the requirements of these challenges that result in unlocking and releasing the first Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO!

By Steven Anderson

Steven is the former owner of Game N Guides. Although he is not part of the team anymore, he sometimes publish contents on this website.