Developer Campo Santo Started Porting Firewatch To Nintendo Switch

The developer behind the first-person mystery adventure game Firewatch has announced that they started porting Firewatch to the Nintendo Switch.

According to them, the first-person adventure game will arrive in Switch this spring. In Firewatch, you are playing a role of a man named Henry, who’s retreated from his messy life for the summer to take a job as a Wyoming forest fire guard.

You will be in constant radio communication with the supervisor Delilah who will be your last and only link to the outside world. But as the dry summer takes place, strange events draw you out of the watchtower and lure you into the wilderness to explore the mysterious environment.

Firewatch was initially released on February 9, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

By Christian West

Gamer, blogger and a co-owner of Game N Guides. I am currently on my journey to craft the best armor and weapon in Monster Hunter World.