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‘Dr. Stone’ Episode 24 Release Date and Spoilers: What We Know so Far

Senku and the Science Kingdom are still on its way to making the communication device, and now that all of the required resources are gathered, we may be finally seeing the finished product in Dr. Stone Episode 24.

In the previous episode, we have seen how the Science Kingdom gathered different resources. Character developments have also been spotted in the episode. Will the Science Kingdom be able to succeed in making the communication device and use it against Tsukasa?

When is Dr. Stone Epiosde 24 air date?

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone anime is usually releasing a new episode every Friday each week, which means Senku and the Science Kingdom fans should be able to see and watch Dr. Stone Episode 24 on December 13, 2019.

Where to watch Dr. Stone anime with Japanese/English Dub?

Dr. Stone

There are lots of sources where you can watch Dr. Stone anime. We recommend watching the anime on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Animelab. These websites are offering Japanese dub episodes.

For Dr. Stone English dub, we highly recommend watching it from Amazon Prime Video. They are currently offering a Simuldub of the anime, so you don’t have to wait to see Senku and Chrome speaking in English.

What to expect in Dr. Stone Episode 24?

Dr. Stone - Senku

Note: The following contents are the spoilers of the upcoming episode referenced from the Dr. Stone manga. Continue reading at your own risk.

The upcoming episode will feature the creation of the Radio Waves, which is the foundation of modern science. Once done, the Science Kingdom will finally acquire the cellphone. During the testing, Ruri will mention the word “speaker” that will get Senku’s attention. From there, Senku is about to unfold a message from the past.

About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone follows the story of Senku Ishigami, a 15-year-old genius who wants to discover the truth about global petrification. With the help of his friends, Senku traveled around the world to restore humanity.

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. The manga has been serialized and becomes part of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in March 2017. Currently, Dr. Stone manga already reached 21 volumes. In July 2019, the first season of the Dr. Stone TV animation premiered.

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