Dragon Quest Walk

Square Enix Announced Dragon Quest Walk – A New AR Mobile Game

Following the augmented reality trend that Pokemon GO brought, Square Enix has announced its newest AR game Dragon Quest Walk for mobile devices set to release this year in Japan.

If you’re a fan of Dragon Quest, soon you will be enjoying the same environment of Dragon Quest in the real world. In Dragon Quest Walk, players need to cover various distance to unlock new quests and progress in the story. Similar to the top hit Pokemon GO, players in Dragon Quest Walk also need to battle and defeat certain monsters in the wild.

Dragon Quest Walk Screenshots
Dragon Quest Walk Screenshots

During the announcement of the game, Square Enix has also revealed that there will be a Dragon Quest Walk closed beta which is set to begin on June 11th. The developer needs a total of 10,000 players using iOS devices and another 10,000 players using Android devices.

No global release has been announced yet, but you can check out Dragon Quest Walk’s official website for more update.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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