NBA 2K20

Dwayne Wade and Anthony Davis Are The Cover Athletes For NBA 2K20

2K has officially revealed that Dwayne Wade and Anthony Davis are new athlete cover for the top-selling basketball simulation game NBA 2K20.

In an announcement today, 2K has released the first NBA 2K20 sneak peek featuring some of the big names in NBA right now. Highlighting the six-time NBA All-Star Anthony Davis and the newly retired NBA star Dwayne Wade.

The new NBA 2K20 trailer just gave us a quick look of the upcoming game but by simply looking at it, we can tell that there’s a lot of changes in the game. As seen on the video, it seems like NBA 2K20 will be featuring WNBA teams and players and this is the first time happening in the game.

In addition to that, the newly drafted Zion Williams also gets a small highlight in the trailer, along with Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron James. While it’s just the first day since the game was revealed, 2K has already opened the line for pre-orders.

Similar to the previous release, the upcoming NBA 2K20 will also have three different versions. The Standard and Digital Deluxe version with Anthony Davis as the cover athlete and the Legend Edition with Dwayne Wade as the cover athlete. If you’re one of the fans who to play the game once it releases, you can pre-order NBA 2K20 from here.

By Amber Davis

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