Epic Games Accidentally Leaks Fortnite’s Unreleased Crabby Emote

Fortnite update v9.30 is now live fixing the overall gameplay and also bringing back the Revolver to the game. While many players are busy doing the on-going 14 Days of Summer event, Fortnite official social media account has accidentally shared a post containing the unreleased new Fortnite emote.

This is not the first time that Epic Games accidentally shared vital information that is not yet available in Fortnite. However, unwanted events just happened as the Fortnite Twitter account tweeted a new emote called “Crabby.” The post was deleted immediately but fortunately, a Fortnite fan has managed to grab a copy of the now-deleted tweeted video post.

As we all know, Fortnite is known for creating emotes based on different personalities. The company even faces some lawsuit for copying signature moves of popular celebrities such as 2 Milly and Backpack Kid. That being said, it seems that the reference of the Crabby emote is the Crab Rave by Nousestorm, which has more than 66 million views on YouTube right now.

We still don’t have enough details about the upcoming new emote dance. But with the summer themed event going on right now, players will likely see the Crabby emote in the Item Shop anytime soon. Are you going to get this new emote once it releases?

By Earl Stewart

Earl is one of those gamers who will play almost any new games. But he more prefers playing FPS and open world games.