Fallout 76

Fallout 76 BETA For PC Can’t Be Uninstalled Unless Players Buy It

While PC players who participate in the Fallout 76 beta enjoyed the testing, it seems like they are not allowed to uninstall the game unless they pay for it.

According to some PC players, they are having a hard time uninstalling the Fallout 76 app on their computer. If you’re thinking that they can use the control panel’s uninstall feature, yes they did, but still can’t uninstall the game.

Fallout 76 Beta Uninstall Issue
Fallout 76 Beta Uninstall Issue

It looks like the uninstallation issue is happening to many PC users as the reports have been popping out in Reddit and Bethesda forum. If a PC player tried to uninstall the game, they will receive a notification asking them to log in to the Bethesda Launcher. However, logging in does not solve the issue and they still can’t uninstall Fallout 76.

There is still no feedback from the officials, but there are speculations that the reason why PC users can’t uninstall Fallout 76 is that the servers are still down after the Beta period. While it’s still not clear why this issue is happening, we recommend not to manually delete the data of the game until the issue has been addressed.

By William King

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