Field of Glory II: Medieval Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

Field of Glory II: Medieval

This guide will be showing you the complete list of controls and shortcuts for Field of Glory II: Medieval Keyboard. Just like any other PC video games, you have the option to change the default controls to the keys of your choice.

Field of Glory II: Medieval Controls

  • 1 – Toggle LOF display
  • 2 – Toggle LOS display
  • 3 – Toggle command range display
  • A – scroll map to the left
  • C – toggles combat log
  • CTRL + left-click on the unit – detailed information on the unit
  • CTRL when moused over the target – show detailed tooltips
  • B – next unshot unit
  • D – scroll map to the right
  • E – rotate the map to the left
  • ESC – opens load, save, settings and exit options
  • F – zoom out on the map
  • F1 – list of hotkeys
  • F2 – Takes a screenshot and dumps it to Documents\My Games\FieldOfGloryMedieval\SCREENS
  • G – toggles visible map grid
  • H – toggles the historical/distinct banners option
  • K – toggles casualty screen
  • L – toggles unit list. (In the main menu, L loads the last saved game)
  • M – toggles the overhead map view
  • N – next unit
  • Q – rotate the map to the right
  • R – zoom in on the map
  • S – scroll map down
  • SPACE – deselect unit. Also closes non-critical popup windows
  • TAB – next unmoved unit
  • W – scroll map up

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