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First Wave of Gen 4 Pokemon Coming to Pokemon GO Revealed

It’s just been a few days since the announcement of the arrival Generation 4 Pokemon to Pokemon GO but Niantic has been constantly giving us some hints to see which Sinnoh region Pokemon is coming out first in the game.

Following the trailer release, Niantic has been continuously hinting the first batch of Generation 4 Pokemon to launch in Pokemon GO. Yesterday, Pokemon Go social media account shared a screenshot from the video teaser.

“We’re excited to hear reports of a Water-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region that can dive for over 10 minutes to hunt.” Pokemon Go said. “Its speed and quick movement definitely lead us to believe that it’s a skilled swimmer. Which Pokémon could this be?”

Pokemon GO Piplup Teaser
Pokemon GO Piplup Teaser

Obviously, Niantic is talking about Piplup who is one of the Generation 4 Pokemon starters.

And today, Pokemon Go has shared another screenshot from the video teaser that was released. This time around they showed a silhouette screenshot of Chimchar.

“As we learn about Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, we’re curious to hear about a Pokémon that has a fiery rear end,” said Pokemon Go. “Whatever this Fire-type Pokémon is, we’re excited for the opportunity to add it to our Pokédex soon!”

Pokemon GO Chimchar Teaser
Pokemon GO Chimchar Teaser

We still don’t know what Niantic plans for tomorrow. But in our opinion, they will be sharing another screenshot of Generation 4 Pokemon from the teaser video.

To complete all the starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, don’t be surprised if you will see a screenshot of Turtwig tomorrow.

Pokemon GO Turtwig Teaser
Pokemon GO Turtwig Teaser

Now that we have all these hints, it all suggests that the first wave of the Generation 4 Pokemon release are the Sinnoh starters. Just like what happened during the Generation 3, Niantic chooses to initially release the starters from the Hoenn region. So the chance of seeing the Gen 4 starters is really high.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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