For Honor, The Spectrum Retreat, and More Games Are Now Available On PS Now

Sony has announced that they have added 50 more games to the PS Now game library. Among the newly added games, Ubisoft’s For Honor that was released last year gets the highlight.

For Honor was released on February 14, 2017, which has attracted more than 17 million fans around the world. Apart from For Honor, some of the worth noting games that have been added are Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, Raiden V: Director’s Cut, TRON RUN/r, The Spectrum Retreat, and more.

For Honor Now Available On PS Now
For Honor Now Available On PS Now

With the addition of this 50 games, the library now has a total of 275 games for PS4, and a total of 700 games for PS2, PS4, and PS4.

Meanwhile, Sony has also announced that they are giving a big discount to new and existing customers who want to get a 12-month PS Now subscription. If you want to check the discounted price, make sure to check this link.

By Earl Stewart

Earl is one of those gamers who will play almost any new games. But he more prefers playing FPS and open world games.