Fortnite Battle Royale Has Surpassed PUBG’s Revenue


Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale has finally beat the total revenue that Playerunknown’s Battleground has made since the game was released. According to the recent report by the research firm SuperData, Fornite is doing better than PUBG.

According to the report, Fortnite made over $126 million from the total revenue on console and PC, while PUBG has been reported only to make $103 million. In addition to this reveal, Fornite Battle Royale also got a total of 14 million unique viewers combined from the platforms, while PlayerUnknown’s Battleground had just 8.7 million.


SuperData emphasized that the factor that affects the success of Fortnite is because the game is more accessible. Not only because it’s a free-to-play game, but also it managed to hit the other platforms before PUBG does. Also, SuperData also said that the frequent game updates helped the game to gain more users.

In addition to these data that have been presented by the research firm, many Fortnite players are also doing their job well to promote the game. Just a few days ago, Drake, a famous Canadian rapper and singer, has joined Ninja on his Twitch live stream. Aside from Drake, there are numbers of popular celebrities who are posting the game on their social media accounts that surely helps the boost in the popularity of Fortnite.