Fortnite Fortbyte #13 Guide: Found at a Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #2

It’s a new day in Fortnite and as expected, a new challenge has been unlocked in Fortbyte Challenges. Today, Epic Games has unlocked Fortbyte Challenge 13 where you are tasked to find another electronic chip in the map.

If you want to find the chip without searching all the four corners of the island, here is the place that you need to visit to collect Fortbyte #13 chip.

Found at a Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #2

Unlike the other chips from the previous Fortbyte challenges, challenge 13 electronic chip is a bit sneaky. It was hiding in a place where no one is expecting to be there. So without further ado, let’s head to its location.

Fortbyte 13 has a coordinate of I9 and it was located near the dinosaur statues in Paradise Palms. Just as mentioned above, its location is somewhere unexpected. After you reached the dinosaur area, find the green portable toilet behind the house. All you need to do is destroy that portable toilet and Fortbyte #13 chip will appear in front of you.

Found at a Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #2

And that’s it. We already published all the previous Fortbyte challenges locations and if you haven’t completed all the previous challenges, you can check our Fortnite guide directory to get started.

By Earl Stewart

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