Fortnite Update 6.02 Added Disco Domination and Quad Rocket Launcher

Fortnite update version 6.02 is now live on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile. This new update brings a limited time mode of Disco Domination and Quad Rocket Launcher for the battle royale, and also the return of Skull Trooper outfit.

The new weapon Quad Rocket Launcher will allow players to fire rockets to enemies four times without reloading. Similar to the normal rocket, it has a base damage of 80/84 with an explosion radius of 300 units.

Fortnite Noble Launcher
Fortnite Noble Launcher

Apart from the rocket launcher mentioned above, a new weapon called Noble Launcher is also available in the game. This weapon will be available in Save the World.

Now, for the Disco Domination, players have to take down all the enemies and take the dance floor by dancing. If you’re familiar with the street spotlight dance, that’s what you gonna do. Teams who managed to fill the dance bar meter first will be the winner of the dance floor and the match.

Quad Rocket Launcher Preview

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has partnered with Epic Games to bring out the new Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle next month. Similar to the other bundles, it will include an exclusive costume, items, and V-Bucks.

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