Fortnite Server Is Back Online Bringing Update v10.40.1

Epic Games has officially released Fortnite version 10.40.1 update bringing a new weapon and item, game performance upgrade, and more.

Fortnite Season 10 is almost over but before it goes away, Epic Games has released a new update for the game. Following the maintenance, Fortnite v10.40.1 is now live bringing a lot of updates for the game. Below are the changes for this update.

Fortnite v10.40.1 Patch Notes

New Challenges

Just before the new season begins, Epic Games has released a new set of challenges in Fortnite. The new challenge is called Out of Time which will be available starting on October 8th until October 13th.

Fortnite v10.40.1 Update
Fortnite v10.40.1 Update

Weapons and Items

  • Unvaulted
    • Flint-Knock Pistol


  • We may be almost out of time, but we’re not out just yet — Season X has been extended a week!
    • Gotham City and the Batman Caped Crusader Pack will be available until the end of Season X.
  • Out of Time
    • Season X’s Overtime Mission is coming soon! The Out of Time Mission will be available from Tuesday, October 8 at 9 AM ET until Sunday, October 13 at 2 PM ET.
    • Complete Out of Time’s objectives to earn end-of-Season rewards, including XP, cosmetics, and a Loading Screen that serves as a Season X memento.
  • Zone Wars
    • Zones Wars Desert, Vortex, Colosseum, and Downhill River LTMs have been consolidated into two LTM playlists. Queue into either playlist to play one of the four Zone Wars maps at random.
      • Zone Wars: Party
        • Queue with a party larger than one into a free-for-all experience.
      • Zone Wars: Solo
        • Queue by yourself into a free-for-all experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue involving some players having difficulty queuing into The Combine.
    • Because this issue has been resolved, The Combine has been re-enabled on iOS and Android.

Game Performance Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a level streaming issue that occurred with v10.40 causing an increase in players landing in low-detail environments on Nintendo Switch.
    • Please note that this fix will result in a larger download for the system.
  • Improved the performance of a cosmetic material to address hitches caused by the material.

Art and Animation Bug Fixes

  • The map now shows the correct aerial view for Gotham City.

Mobile Update

  • Party Hub
    • Improved the search bar functionality to make it easier to search for friends.


  • From server on September 27
    • Resolved an issue involving some display names not being presented properly on The Combine’s leaderboards.

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