Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 Series 14 Adds McLaren 600 LT and McLaren 720S

Following the anniversary preview a few days ago, Playground Games has released the new update for the Forza Horizon 4 Series 14.

The new series introduces a lot of new contents such as the blueprint updates, achievements, game improvements, and most of all, the new cars. There are 4 new cars coming to the game in this series and to get things started, the developer has released the trailer for the arrival of two new McLaren supercars in the horizon.

McLaren 600 LT and McLaren 720S Arrives

There are two new McLaren cars coming to the game, these are the McLaren 600 LT and McLaren 720S!

McLaren 600LT is an ultimate Sport Series having nearly 600hp which also offers body and chassis modifications to reach its maximum performance in the game. Another new car is the McLaren 720S featuring the retractable glass roof and unique C-pillar design. Similar to the 600LT, it also offers players different colors, customizations, and more!

You can check the Forza Horizon 4 introduction video of McLaren 600LT and McLaren 720S from the trailer below:

By William Harvey

William is a car enthusiast. When he was still a kid, his dad always brings him to F4 racing competition. Now, he's an avid fan of racing games.