Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 Upcoming Update To Bring The Route Creator Feature

As promised by the developer, the next Forza Horizon 4 update will finally bring one of the most requested features, the Route Creator.

Starting next week, Forza Horizon 4 fans can now start making their own race tracks and driving routes anywhere across the map. The upcoming update will be available starting on October 25th.

Forza Horizon 4 Map
Forza Horizon 4 Map

While no official patch note has been released yet, rumor is that the first update will also bring the fifth Horizon Story. According to sources, it will be dedicated to all things British and is expected to have 10 more episodes.

Apart from the mentioned contents above, the update will also include two-per-week cars available to all Car Pass owners.

In addition to the update, expect the weekly season change in the game. New contents and activity will begin to pop-up in the map once the update has been released. As usual, during the weekly season change, you can also start locating new cars from barn finds.

New 20 events will also become available in the game including four new season PR stunts and new trials. Halloween themed accessories is also expected to arrive along with the update. If you want to pump up your car in Forza Horizon 4, make sure to log in and participate all the events next week.

By William Harvey

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