Getaway Blast Princess: Majestic Quest

Gameloft Announces Two New Disney Games, Now In Soft-Launch

Rejoice Disney fans! Today, Gameloft has announced two new Disney titles for Android and iOS devices, which is now in soft-launch on some countries.

In addition to the list of Disney games that Gameloft have, they have created a new mobile game that will entertain all the Disney fans out there. The two new games are Disney Princess: Majestic Quest and Disney Getaway Blast.

These two new Disney mobile games have the same genre, they are both puzzle-solving games that will bring fans to a new world.

The Disney Princess: Majestic Quest is set in the respective realms of the Disney Princesses where players are tasked to help Jasmine and the others to reconstruct the fallen kingdom.

For Disney Getaway Blast, players have to solve some mind puzzling challenges in a Disney paradise. You will be guided by some of the popular Pixar and Disney characters like Mickey and Aladdin, to help you conquer and solve the puzzles.

As of writing, these two new games are now in soft-launch in some regions. No official release date has been mentioned but Gameloft has guaranteed that it will be released later this year on Android and iOS devices.

By William Harvey

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