GOG Galaxy 2.0

With the growing numbers of gamers all over the world, it’s not surprising why most of the companies are making their own game launcher. Some of the best examples are Origin, Steam, Battle.net, Epic Games Launcher, and more.

While this is a good way for game companies to minimize their expenses and at the same time increase their sales, it’s a horrible story for gamers. Fortunately, one company is making a move to unite all the game launcher into one place. GOG, a digital distribution platform for video games, has presented the GOG Galaxy 2.0 during the E3 meeting, which aims to place all your games into one launcher.

Presenting GOG Galaxy 2.0

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is the newest project that is now in development to compile all games into one launcher. Not just that, the software will also allow users to import friends lists, game libraries, and other metadata of any PC launcher that is supported by Galaxy 2.0. If you’re familiar with the option on Nvidia Experience where you can add a game to optimize, it will be the same in GOG Galaxy.

Due to what happened in the past few months that concerns about data privacy, it seems like GOG is already into it. GOG assured that all data that will be collected from one launcher will be saved on encrypted servers and when users decide to remove a game on GOG Galaxy 2.0 client, the data that will be deleted immediately.

As of writing, GOG Galaxy 2.0 only supports Microsoft and CD Projekt, but according to the information given during the meeting, GOG representatives are now having some talks with other companies such as Epic Games, Origin, and Uplay.

Source: Pcgamer.com