The Last of Us: Part II

Get Ready For A Heart Wrenching Scenes In The Last of Us: Part II

Many of the fans are waiting for an update for the upcoming The Last of Us: Part II. However, the development and publishing team is not yet giving their fans anything. But that doesn’t mean they will let their fans down especially for this holiday. So, to at least give their fans the idea how good the upcoming game is, Naughty Dog’s game director Neil Druckmann has shared epic moments that they made for the game.

Posted on Twitter, Druckmann has shared a photo for the making of one of the most complicated and heart-wrenching scenes in The Last of Us: Part II.

Apart from Druckmann, Ellie’s voice actor also expressed her feelings about how they worked hard for the game. In an Instagram post, Ashley Johnson said that they shot some heavy scenes but despite the tiring work, she said that her heart was full.

Both Druckmann and Johnson end their post by wishing the fans a happy holidays. Are you excited to see another gameplay preview of the upcoming The Last of Us: Part II? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

By William King

King is a former employee of an IT company in Canada. He now works on their family business. He also loves gaming and writing.