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How To Find and Catch The Newly Released Kecleon In Pokemon GO

With the appearance of Kecleon in Pokemon GO earlier today, most of the fans are excited to add this new Pokemon in their Pokedex. Most of the trainers are asking where and how to find Kecleon in Pokemon GO?

While everyone is almost ready to fill in their Pokedex, it seems like this is not yet the right time to add Kecleon in your inventory. Since the accidental release of the two new Pokemon, Pokemon 891 and Kecleon, Niantic seems don’t have any plan to release any statement.

If you’re curious what happened to all the Kecleon that was caught today, here’s the answer. Many Pokemon Go fans managed to catch the two new Pokemon in the wild. However, right after the Pokemon was caught, it transforms into a normal Ditto. There are some reports that they managed to get a Shiny Ditto after catching Pokemon 891 and Kecleon.

Where To Find Kecleon In Pokemon GO

The fact that Kecleon started appearing in the game, it only means that we’re getting close to actually get them. To help you prepare for its official release, we are sharing the most common places to see spawns of Kecleon.

Kecleon is a normal-type Pokemon, meaning it will usually appear in places like schools, universities, and parking lots.

So when will be the official release of Kecleon in Pokemon GO? Unfortunately, we can’t give you a concrete and final answer. But in our opinion, we will be getting Kecleon this year. As we all know, Generation 3 Pokemon release is one year in December so there’s a chance that Pokemon GO might release Kecleon as a Christmas present. In addition, we are also guessing that Smeargle, who is also missing from the game, will finally make its appearance alongside with Kecleon.

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