Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

We managed to grab the complete list of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory trophies for PlayStation 4. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a music-fantasy video game developed and published by Square Enix, in partnership with Disney Interactive Studios.

In Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, PS4 owners will be able to collect a total of 45 trophies consisting of 30 bronze, 11 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. All of the trophies in the game are secret trophies, except for the one platinum trophy. We already revealed the secret trophies for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory in the list below.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Trophies

Platinum TrophyMelody of Memory Complete Master
Obtain all trophies.
Gold TrophyWorld Tourist
Clear all songs in all worlds. (Secret)
Gold TrophyMelody's End
Clear the game and view the ending. (Secret)
Gold TrophyEnemy Buster
Defeat 100,000 enemies. (Secret)
Silver TrophyEnemy Breaker
Defeat 50,000 enemies. (Secret)
Silver TrophyProud Maestro
Clear all songs on Proud. (Secret)
Silver TrophyStandard Maestro
Clear all songs on Standard. (Secret)
Silver TrophyBeginner Maestro
Clear all songs on Beginner. (Secret)
Silver TrophyLight the Darkness
Clear all songs in 50 worlds. (Secret)
Silver TrophyLeveled Out
Reach the highest level with Team Classic. (Secret)
Silver TrophyShining Platinum
Reach Platinum 1 rank in COM Battle. (Secret)
Silver TrophyMoogle Master
Get the moogle to the highest level. (Secret)
Silver TrophyHigh Score Master
Achieve a total score of 2,000,000,000. (Secret)
Silver TrophyMelomaniac
Play all songs. (Secret)
Silver TrophyMemory Collector
Unlock all Story Archive movies. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyEnemy Sweeper
Defeat 10,000 enemies. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyEXP Hunter
Earn 2,000 EXP or more in one song. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyConfronting the Enemy
Clear a Boss Battle Music Stage. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyConnected Tones
Get a Full Chain. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyPrelude to Battle
Defeat a COM opponent. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyDiverging Paths
Use every team at least once. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyFollow the Path
Clear all songs in 30 worlds. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyOpen the Door
Clear all songs in 10 worlds. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyBeginner Player
Clear 50 songs on Beginner. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyMission Hunter
Complete all missions in 10 worlds. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyTechnician
Clear all five of Today's Tunes with a Full Chain. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyBy the King's Side
Fight alongside King Mickey for an hour. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyMaster Glider
Spend one minute or more gliding in a Field Battle Music Stage. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyEnemy Juggler
Attack the same enemy 19 times or more throughout one song. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyStandard Player
Clear 50 songs on Standard. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyProud Chain Master
Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Proud. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyLegendary Battler
Defeat 20 COM opponents. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyProud Player
Clear 50 songs on Proud. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyMaster Crafter
Synthesize 100 items. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyBonds of Friendship
Hit 100 friend orbs. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyUnbreaking Melody
Play 100 Music Stages. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyItem Hunter
Obtain 10,000 items from Music Stages. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyWorld Adventurer
Clear all songs in a world. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyItem Master
Use 100 items. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyThat's My Jam
Play the same Music Stage 10 times. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyRhythm Point Hoarder
Collect 50,000 Rhythm Points. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyBeginner Chain Master
Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Beginner. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyHigh Score Hunter
Achieve a total score of 500,000,000. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyStandard Chain Master
Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Standard. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyTreasure Hunter
Find 100 treasure chests. (Secret)

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