Pokemon GO

Legendary Lugia Has Returned In Pokemon GO – Is it an Unannounced Feature or a Bug?

Pokemon GO fans are a little bit surprised to see what’s going on right now. If you’re still unaware of what’s happening, the Legendary Lugia is back in Raid Battles (for now). As of writing, there is no announcement from Niantic about the return of Lugia.

On the other news, Battle Showdown event has ended so expect to see the last batch of Raid Bosses to be coming back. The last set of Raid Bosses includes Lugia and for this reason, that is why we are seeing it again in Tier 5 Raid Boss.

Tier 5 bosses are supposed to be hatching from an egg before the Raid Battles. But in the case of Lugia, it seems like it has been affected by a bug or glitch. However, we expect that this issue will be fixed in no time.

By the time that the Lugia egg hatch has been fixed, you already have a glimpse that you will be facing the Legendary Lugia and how Niantic loads up the Tier 5 Raid Bosses. In addition, there are reports that Pokemon GO players have been also getting the shiny form of Lugia. Though it is not possible, please be reminded that this is a bug and there’s a chance that Niantic may claim it back from you.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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