MapleStorySEA Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary With A New System Update

To celebrate the 14th year anniversary of the long-time running 2D multiplayer game MapleStorySEA, Nexon has rolled out a new update bringing new features in the game.

Initially released in 2005, MapleStorySEA has been continuously doing a great job in the gaming industry. Now that it’s been a decade since it began, Nexon has rolled out a new system update that will surely excite its current fan base.

Starting on April 3, 2019, players will be able to participate in 19 unique in-game events. Participating in these events will reward players new items such as mounts and the 14th Street title.

In addition, Nexon is also giving a free Character Slot Coupon that will allow players to increase their maximum character slots. From the previous max slot, redeeming the coupon will increase the number up to 47 max slot. For more details about the changes, you can check the full patch here.

By William Harvey

William is a car enthusiast. When he was still a kid, his dad always brings him to F4 racing competition. Now, he's an avid fan of racing games.