Multiplayer Hack ‘n Slash Mordhau Sold More Than 1 Million Copies

Released last April 2019, developer and publisher Triternion sold half a million copies of their newest hack n’ slash multiplayer video game Mordhau.

Mordhau is a first and third-person multiplayer slasher that will bring you to a medieval era where you can fight along with your allies for your survival. Having such unique features, Triternion managed to reach 500k million copies sold during the first month of its release, and now, they have reported that the game already surpassed 1 million copies sold. And to celebrate the milestone, Triternion has released a brand new update for the game.

Mordhau Patch 7

Speaking of the update, players can now enjoy and start exploring the new map called Crossroads that can handle huge battles. Apart from the map, the update also brings mortars and some changes and balancing for heave hand axes, javelins, and other weapons.

If you haven’t played Mordhau yet, you can now grab the game on PC via Steam for just $26.99.

By Amber Davis

Amber is a young self-published author with a perchance for writing gaming related contents. When she's not writing or studying she's playing her favorite game Super Mario.