Pokemon GO

Mythical Pokémon Deoxys Is Coming To EX Raid Battles In Pokemon GO

One of the most awaited Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon Deoxys is finally coming to Pokemon GO. Deoxys was originally from the Hoenn region and is one of the remaining Generation 3 Pokemon missing in the game is making its way to replace Mewtwo on EX Raid battles.

According to the official announcement, Deoxys will start appearing on the next wave EX Raid invitations. And unlike before, the new EX Raid invitations has more details. Specifically, you’ll now be able to see which gyms can host an EX Raid battle and date and time.

Similar to Mewtwo, battling against Deoxys will be difficult. So once you received an EX Raid invitation, make sure to prepare the best and most effective Pokemon for Deoxys.

Now that the mythical Pokemon Deoxys is about to enter Pokemon GO, we have a feeling that Generation 4 release is also getting close. As we all know, Niantic already teased us with the photo where the Generation 4 starters are spotted. While there is still no official announcement about this matter, please enjoy what we have right now. Legendary month is about to start again in Pokemon GO!

By Kaitlyn Williams

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