The Last of Us: Part II

Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last Of Us 5th Anniversary By Giving Free PS4 Avatars, Themes, and More

September 26 marks the 5th year of The Last of Us game, and to celebrate its anniversary, Naughty Dog is giving away free PS4 avatars, themes, The Last of Us game discounts, and more.

Every year, Naughty Dog celebrates “Outbreak Day” by releasing new and exclusive in-game contents, items, and promotions such as game discounts.

If you’re one of the fans who is waiting for the upcoming release of The Last of Us 2, now is the time to start collecting the game’s memorabilia.

Outbreak Day 5th Year Anniversary Features

So far, here are the confirmed freebies and discounts for the 5th-year-anniversary celebration.

Game Discounts

All listed games have a 50% off discount. However, PS Plus members are getting a 60% discount.


Similar to what happened last year, Naughty Dog is also giving away freebies for this year. This time, fans will be getting free The Last of Us 2 PS Network avatars like Ellie, Ellie 2, Emily, Jesse, and many more. In addition, there’s also a free The Last of Us 2 PS4 theme and wallpapers.

The Last of Us 2 Free Avatars

Please be reminded that this is not yet the full list of features and bonuses for this year’s Outbreak Celebration. In the next few hours, we will be seeing all the features once Naughty Dog revealed it.

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