Fallout 76

New Fallout 76 Gameplay Footage Is Coming Soon According To Bethesda

Earlier today, the vice president of Bethesda Softworks Pete Hines has revealed that a new Fallout 76 gameplay will be out soon. And it seems like numbers of select people will be able to experience the game for a few hours.

According to his Twitter post, they will be letting hundreds of players to play the game for a few hours, and later once the game is released, Hines promised hundreds of hours to play for players.

Unfortunately, Hines did not mention when will be the release of the in-game footage of Fallout 76, and how the select players are chosen to play the game early.

Apart from the upcoming new gameplay, fans who pre-ordered the game will be getting their own early access of Fallout 76 next month. As scheduled, the first players who will be able to access the early B.E.T.A are Xbox One users and it will be available on October 26. While the PC and PS4 users can early access the game on October 30.

Bethesda has also released another in-game intro for Fallout 76 a few days ago. Below is the new video of the game:

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