Bus Simulator 18

New Map Extension DLC Coming To Bus Simulator 18 This Month

Astragon Entertainment has announced that a new map extension is coming to their bus driving simulation game Bus Simulator 18 on May 22nd.

The map extension will be taking bus drivers to a new vibrant environment featuring more bus stops, roads to drive, and more scenic views. The DLC will include two new city districts full of lively passengers that you can deliver from place to place.

Bus Simulator 18 Seaside Valley DLC
Bus Simulator 18 Seaside Valley DLC

Once again Bus Simulator 18 is ready to take players for a relaxing drive in the countryside with the new extension map featuring two brand new city districts, interesting missions, new bus stops and many more road miles which are just waiting for you to be explored in and around Seaside Valley.

The two new districts are called Kerststadt and Sonnstein where players can drive the tourists and passengers from one airport to another. There’s also a new character named Michael Bach, an urban development consultant, who will be giving players new missions.

Are you ready to explore the Seaside Valley? You can grab the new map extension for Bus Simulator 18 on PC via Steam.

By William King

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