Pokemon GO

New Pokemon 891 and Kecleon Are Appearing In Pokemon GO

Following the leak report of the rumored Generation 8 new Pokemon 891 which is found in the Pokemon GO network traffic, it seems like it is officially appearing in Pokemon GO, along with the Generation 3 Pokemon Kecleon.

The appearance report of Pokemon 891 started right after the Chikorita Community Day ended and even up to now, it is still flooding the wild in some regions of the world.

What Is Pokemon 891

While there is still no official announcement from Niantic about this unusual spawn of this new Pokemon, reports are that this new Pokemon is one of the upcoming Generation 8 for the upcoming Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee.

In the past few weeks, Gamefreek has been constantly teasing its fans that the first Generation 8 Pokemon would make their first appearance in Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee. However, it came out earlier in Pokemon GO.

Kecleon Is Now Also Available In Pokemon GO

Apart from the new Pokemon 891, it seems like another missing Generation 3 Pokemon has become available in Pokemon Go. Similar to what happened to 891, Kecleon also started appearing in the game right after the Community Day ended.

While this event is a bit confusing and still no statement from the developer, Pokemon GO fans have started catching them. However, upon catching these new Pokemon, it turned into a normal form Ditto. Some also reported that Pokemon 891 and Kecleon also turned to Chikorita right after they caught it.

By Amber Davis

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