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New Set of Shiny Pokemon Are Coming To Pokemon GO Tomorrow

Pokemon GO fans should get ready for the limited-time Adventure Week starting tomorrow, June 4th, as it features the spawn rate increase of rock-type Pokemon, buddy candy bonus, and more.

The upcoming Adventure Week kicks off tomorrow depending on your time zone. If you’re living in the Pacific region, it will be starting at 1:00 PM PDT. Unlike the previous Adventure Week, this year’s Adventure Week event features an extravaganza bonus.

Pokemon GO players who have Adventure Sync activated and managed to cover 50 km distance will receive free 15 Rare Candies and 50,000 Stardust. Also, new PokeStop that a player visit and spin will reward them 10 times experience. The event will also bring new Raid Bosses, limited-time Special Field Research tasks, and the most awaited new Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon Adventure Week

Yes, you read it right. Niantic has confirmed that three new Shiny Pokemon are coming during the Adventure Week event. These shiny Pokemon are Shiny Onix, Shiny Lileep, and Shiny Anorith. If you’re looking forward to adding these shiny Pokemon on your dex, make sure to prepare for a long walk tomorrow.

Source: Niantic

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