Nintendo Announced The Return of NES Classic Next Month


In case you missed to get a copy of NES Classic Edition that was released last time, now is your chance to get it! Earlier today, Nintendo announced on Twitter that the NES Classic will be coming back to your favorite game store.

After teasing their fans for many months, Nintendo has finally announced the official return of their NES Classic Edition next month, June 29th,

The first release of the NES Classic Edition was last November 2016. NES Classic Edition is a miniature version of NES 1985. The package include 30 classic NES games like the all-time favorite Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong.

Quoted from the official announcement via Twitter:

Edition will return to stores on June 29! This system and the Edition system are expected to be available through the end of the year.

For a price of $59.99, you can now have old-school NES. Are you planning to grab the release for this year? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below.