One Piece Chapter 929: Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date


Following the leaked raw scan during the Jump Festa 2019 in Japan a few days ago, One Piece Chapter 929 spoilers and raw scans have finally arrived.

Before we continue, please be reminded that the author or the website do not take part in the creation of the spoilers and raw scans. All these information are found on the internet and shared here for the chapter discussions.

One Piece Chapter 929 Spoiler

While everyone is celebrating the holiday season, One Piece Chapter 929 spoiler has arrived. The title of this chapter is Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and it will reveal something interesting with Orochi and the government.

The craftsman where Franky is working remembers that he sold the blueprint of Kaido’s house 10 years ago. So they went to the pawnshop and asked the people around and learned that the blueprint is being kept in Kuri.

Meanwhile, Duke Inuarashi and his musketeers stole foods from Kaido’s subordinate and left a note saying “Head mountain bandits Shutenmaru”.

Now, remember the leaked scan last week? It seems like it was legit and according to the spoiler, Zoro is being followed by a man going to the Flower Capital.

Going back to Orochi’s castle, this chapter reveals that Orochi is having a secret meeting with CP0. Since Doflamingo is gone, the government can now deal directly with the shoguns.

Orochi demands a warship and Vegapunk. Since Kaido is on his back, CP0 can’t do anything at Orochi’s arrogant requests. Later, the banquet has begun showing Orochi surrounded by courtesans.

In the Flower Capital, chaos is about to happen as the citizens are running on the street saying that Kaido’s subordinates have arrived to take down the owner of the soba cart.

Sanji and Law are about to face Drake and Pageone who are both dinosaur devil fruit users. Just before the chapter ends, Hawkins shows up.

One Piece Chapter 929 Raw Scan

One Piece Chapter 929 Raw Scan
One Piece Chapter 929 Raw Scan
One Piece Chapter 929 Raw Scan

One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date

Due to the holiday season, the digital scan of One Piece Chapter 929 is a bit late. But since the spoilers and initial English translations are out, expect to see the digital scan tomorrow or the other day.

While there are websites offering a free digital copy of this manga, we highly recommend to read it from the official manga distributor.