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One Piece Chapter 946 Spoilers, Predictions, and Release Date

Following the one-week break of One Piece manga, Eiichiro Oda is all set once again for the release of One Piece Chapter 946. Knowing that we’re still a few days away from the release of the chapter, expect to see the official spoilers anytime soon. And while we still don’t have it yet, we’re here to discuss the possible events that may happen in Chapter 946.

In the previous chapter, we have seen how the Straw Hat Pirates along with the alliance causing some commotion in the capital after Yasuie’s execution. On the other side of the country, we have seen Big Mom arrives inside the prison and taking down one of the strongest members of the Beast Pirates. With the unexpected turn of events happening in the Wano Country, how will the alliance response and will they be able to rescue Luffy?

UPDATE: One Piece Chapter 946 spoilers and raw scans are out!

One Piece Big Mom Arrives at Udon Prison

One Piece Chapter 946 Predictions and Release Date

The answer to that question may be lying in One Piece Chapter 946. The upcoming chapter may feature Big Mom again talking to Luffy after taking down Queen. It’s pretty obvious that Queen doesn’t stand a chance against Big Mom and this could be the chance to finally free Luffy, Kid, Killer, and other big names inside the prison.

The other members of the Straw Hats may escape the commotion and reunite somewhere. Trafalgar Law, on the other hand, is still in a tight situation after learning that his subordinates are hostage by Hawkins. To be honest, I can’t think of any way how will Law rescue his crewmate and there’s a chance that he will be captured too.


Let’s see how things unfold when One Piece Chapter 946 officially releases on June 24th in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue. The digital scans of the chapter usually release earlier, so expect to see this weekend.

About One Piece

One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, the user of Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, who wants to be the new Pirate King. Luffy was inspired by Red Haired Shanks, one of the most powerful pirates. Along with his pirate group named the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the vast world of One Piece in search of the treasure known as “One Piece” and becomes the new King of the Pirates.

One Piece is a manga series written by Eiichiro Oda. Since the manga has been serialized in July 1997, it already reached a total of 99 volumes. The manga series is part of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Apart from the original manga series, One Piece has started airing the anime adaptation in 1999. One Piece has also received several anime films with the latest movie titled One Piece: Stampede that have been released in 2019.

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